Fountains parkrun

Saturday saw our monthly attempt at the Fountains Abbey Parkrun, a 5km route through the beautiful surroundings of this National Trust property and world heritage site near Ripon, a fantastic location for running.

I was feeling reasonably confident following our uphill run on Tuesday and a testing game of squash on Thursday, though a Friday night glass (or two?) of wine may have taken the edge off. The day was already warm as we lined up for the 9am start.

Setting off I felt I was going a sensible pace, and on the second lap deliberately held back slightly so that I could keep a little for the finish incline. It felt uncomfortably hot in the sunny spots, but fortunately there were some decent stretches in the shade too. The course always seems slightly more undulating than I expect and the gentle rise to the finish is the toughest if not the steepest.

I crossed the line in a reasonably respectable 27.15, 8 seconds outside my PB. I was hoping to go slightly quicker but overall was reasonably satisfied. Liz finished in 29.10, a good time following recent injury. Full results here.

One of the toughest parts of this Parkrun is the steep (walking) climb back up the hill after the finish, but with this successfully behind us I was restored by a coffee and bacon sandwich at the café.

Our next Parkrun is scheduled for 29 August. I think a new PB is in reach with the right training between now and then.


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