Time prediction

I try not to obsess too much about run times and distances. I use a normal watch rather than anything more sophisticated, so in a race I am reliant on distance markers and the watch to give me an idea of pace.

For the upcoming Sessay Swift, with a distance of 6k, I have looked a the Runners World race time predictor and used my recent Parkrun times to predict my time. This is telling me that I should be running around 32.45 for 6k, or around 5.30 per km. This sounds like a sensible guide time, but as always I will try to set off at what I think is a fairly comfortable pace and press a little harder in the later stages if there is anything left in the tank.

We enjoyed a good if damp run around Thirsk last night, just under 5 miles at a reasonable tempo pace with a couple of stops, good preparation for the race next Wednesday. It would be good to see a few more people turning out on Tuesday nights – the routes and company are always excellent, and running with a group is a great way to motivate yourself to get in some miles. We usually run around 5 miles at around 10 min mile pace, but no-one gets left behind and faster runners are welcome to head off in front and run back. The next Tuesday session is scheduled for 1 September (none next week as day before Sessay Swift). Picture below from Tuesday run a few weeks ago when we were blessed with better weather.

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