Sessay Swift and Swaledale

On the evening of Wednesday 26 August I took part in the Sessay Swift, a 6km road race in the small village of Sessay near Thirsk. The warm sunshine earlier in the day had faded and by the 7.30 start time conditions were good for running, cool with a gentle breeze.

The route is fairly flat with some minor gradients and I set off at a fairly comfortable pace. I managed to pass a few other runners and was closing on another group when, rounding a bend close to the finish, I felt a sharp pain in my left foot. I kept going and the pain receeded, and I was pleased to cross the line in a time of 32.04, slightly faster than I had predicted. I think I had felt the benefit of two weeks of fairly good training, some interval sessions on the rowing machine and the good running conditions.

The race overall was very well organised; congratulations to Marian and her team from Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers. Full results are here.

The following day my foot was quite painful, and putting on shoes was difficult. Some ice (actually frozen peas) and ibuprofen over the last few days seems to have improved it, so much so that yesterday Liz and I went for a short walk in Swaledale, over Harker Hill near Reeth.

The ling heather was in full bloom and the weather was overcast but bright, meaning that there were some lovely views up the dale towards Low Row and across to Calver Hill and Fremington Edge.

Harker Hill itself is an easy ascent on good tracks, and I thought our walk would make a good but challenging running route at some point.

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