Parkrun, Greece and Leadership course

Sorry for recent lack of posts, we have been away.

My latest Parkrun on 6 September was not a great success, though really what my (lack of) preparation deserved, coming in at around 28 minutes. Conditions were good and of course the setting in the grounds of Fountains Abbey was beautiful as ever.

After this we went away, staying in the charming fishing village of Fiscardo on the north coast of Kefalonia in the Greek Islands.

The weather as expected was great and we spent some time on the beach. We did however manage to fit in a few runs.

The problem is that Fiscardo is surrounded by either sea or hills, so apart from a few hundred yards you are forced to run up some pretty steep gradients. We went in the early evening; even then it was pretty warm, but running past the lovely Foki beach (below) made it all seem bearable. Our route was fairly short, around 3 miles, but with the hills and heat fairly testing.

Following our return on Saturday, on Sunday we headed to the slightly less picturesque seaside resort of Middlesbrough to do our Leadership in Running Fitness course. The sessions were lively and interesting, a good mix of practical and theory and overall I enjoyed the course. Now looking forward to putting some of the ideas into action.

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