Kilburn by night and Sneck Yate

After a steady run round the streets of Thirsk last Tuesday, we again took on the Kilburn Woods route on Thursday evening. The evening began well as Gavin brought several boxes of mushrooms from the boot of his car and offered them around, a welcome if unexpected gift. Setting off at 7pm the first couple of miles were in daylight but after that the setting sun and the thick woodland meant that head torches were required. I had only done one head torch run before, across a lumpy field in the pouring rain with a hopeless torch. This time the torch was better and the paths reasonably good (and reasonably well known to us) so the going was much easier. We kept a reasonable pace and finished off with a drink in the Forresters, toasting Gavin and Hilary’s 24th wedding anniversary.

On Sunday we needed to do a longer run, with a half marathon coming up shortly. We chose to make use of the good weather and drove to the top of Sutton Bank for a run along the scarp slope of the Hambleton Hills to Sneck Yate, loop around on the road and back to Sutton Bank, around 8 miles in total.

It was a beautiful evening and the setting sun (and later rising moon) showed off the lovely scenery to great effect.

The run was undulating but not too testing and we returned to the car just before darkness, with the temperature dropping rapidly. It was good initial preparation for the half marathon but some longer runs will be required over the next few weeks to get us through the 13 miles.

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