Running by the sea

Last Tuesday I was pleased that the Harriers regular social run was once more able to take place, after a gap of several weeks for us and some concern over its future. We ran a steady 4 mile route round Sowerby and Old Thirsk, good preparation for what was to come.

On Thursday we headed down to Devon for a few days, knowing that we needed to do a 10 mile run at some point to keep our hopes of doing a half marathon alive. I plotted a route around the villages of Slapton and Torcross and we set off on a warm Saturday morning. The first part of the route was an inland hilly loop, after which we headed down to the coast road and along to the pretty seaside village of Torcross.

Following this we ran a straight and level four miles to the far end of the Slapton Sands beach, and then headed back towards Slapton for another circuit of the hilly loop. By this time the hills and high temperatures were slowing me down, though Liz ran strongly right to the end.

Overall it was a lovely run in beautiful scenery, but the last part was hard to enjoy. I always try to think during the tougher parts that this is the point of the training, so that the tough bits seem easier next time. We will see in a few weeks’ time.

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